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Leaving Work - Personalised Newspaper

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It’s the end of an era, as your recipient leaves the place they once called work. Colleagues are sad. And there’s a big question mark over how the company will cope in their absence. The Mirror reports.  

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Spoof Contents

(First Name) (Surname) TO LEAVE JOB!

Written by
Chief News Editor

It will be a sad day today at (Company Name), as (First Name) (Surname) bids a fond farewell to friends and colleagues, to explore pastures new.

(First Name), (Age), who lives in (Home Town), has worked at the company for (Years Employed)years, and is a popular member of staff. (First Name) has been dedicated, hardworking and fun to be around - it is clear that nothing will be the same again without the enthusiastic worker!

The decision to leave by (First Name) came out of the blue and has left colleagues stunned and saddened. “(First Name) leaving is just devastating,” said one downcast colleague, who asked not to be named. “This is a very sad day for us all and (First Name) will be greatly missed.”

Another colleague added, “When (First Name) initially resigned everyone was in shock. We just couldn’t believe it. We all enjoy working with (First Name) so much we just assumed they would be here forever –  you never think that someone who is so part of the furniture will ever leave! We really are going to have to pull together now – but let’s face it – nobody will ever replace (First Name). There really will only ever be one (First Name) (Surname).”

It is believed that the decision to leave was possibly the hardest choice (First Name) has ever had to make. Everyone at (Company Name) wishes (First Name) every future success and happiness - but if ever the (Age) year old ever has a change of mind...!”

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